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Commercial areas Interactive maps of the urban economy Complex projects for the future city Funding for urban transformation Sector programming Economic and financial analysis feasibility Strategic plans Consultancy for Public Private Partnership Market research Observatory on consumption Enhancement of the planning and public Support for the development of enterprises Urban marketing plans Development of commercial areas


Recognition and enhancement of the natural shopping centers -Sector Planning -Strategic Audit and Plans -Enhancement of public planning and assets -Interactive maps of the urban economy -Urban Marketing Plans


Development of commercial areas -Economic-financial feasibility analysis -Market research -Support for the Development of Enterprise


Coordinating complex projects for the future city -Research funding for urban transformation -Consulting-initiation of public-private partnerships -Observatory on consumption

Who we are


SINCRON POLIS was established in 1995 replacing Sincron company, which had been dealing with economic-territorial planning and market research analysis since 1972. Today the SINCRON POLIS working staff provides private and public clients with innovative services for urban transformation. Besides the traditional intervention sectors, SINCRON POLIS deals with urban marketing, impact and feasibility studies, economic-financial plans and project financing, quite often within complex multidisciplinary operations.
In several Italian regional districts SINCRON POLIS is in charge with projects being at the convergence point between public and private sectors, with a special regard to increase in value and requalification interventions in the "historical" fabric of the city, commercial and para commercial settlements included, by providing know-how and tools to analyze the situation in progress and to set up new medium- and long-term strategies.
Today SINCRON POLIS services are available in two different offices: the head office in Modena, overseeing in particular the Italian regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Tuscany, the office in Gorizia for the North-East of Italy and the Como branch dedicated to special projects and network.

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