Published 04.06.2013

Urban Marketing Plan of the City of Udine

Scope: Project development and urban regeneration. The project "Urban Marketing Plan of the City of Udine" was designed and developed by Sincron Polis srl as agent for the parent company, in ATI with Sincron Inova Srl. The professional assignment was obtained through participation in a notice published by the City of Udine on the topic.
Year: dicembre 2005 - settembre 2006

In respect of the 3 phases of the service provided by the announcement (analytical discussion and involvement, strategic), the tools and techniques that are part of the "toolbox" in the interventions of territorial marketing operation are numerous, and required in the case of Udine be considered and evaluated as a whole in the preliminary investigation stage, only to be used in the form and manner that the specific urban suggested, on the basis of its life cycle, its dimensional and structural characteristics, the resources deployed in the field, the state of development of planning instruments, the state of health of the settled economic activities, opportunities for consultation.

Seemed necessary and appropriate, from this point of view, define a significant body of original and field surveys. To the preliminary analytical and was followed by the first stage of diagnosis and formulation of marketing strategy, consisting of in-depth analysis and actions suggested by the previous step, and then the start of the consultation process (STEP 2).

The final stage was the real Marketing Plan Urban (PMU) of the city, who has translated the earlier stages in concrete and consistent actions and interventions, both to the outside (marketing elements urban exterior, to the potential users of the urban fabric, whether they are residents that non-residents), both internally (operations improvement of relations between the local stakeholders).

The report output, in addition to being a completely new and original to see the old town thanks to direct surveys provided, allowed to use the most different propagation vectors (Site of the City, workshops, publications, ad hoc etc.. ) and help increase a high-level debate on the topic.

The Marketing Plan Urban city of Udine has been the attempt to see the complex image of the city in its entirety, without break it:

 "From childhood, we are taught to break down the problems, to fragment the world. On the surface, this process makes it more manageable tasks and complex subjects, but for this we pay a huge price implicitly. We are no longer able to see the consequences of our actions, we lose the feeling of being connected to a larger whole. When we strive to "see the whole" we try to reassemble the fragments in our minds, to list and arrange all the pieces. But, as the physicist David Bohm, this is a task space, is groped like to see a true picture of trying to piece together the fragments of a broken mirror. And so, after a while ', give up completely to see the whole. " Peter M. Senge, "The Fifth Discipline"

Avoid running into this "trap", in fact operate in the direction of the whole, is an ambitious goal, but it can not be otherwise, the consolidated urban fabric is a complex organism, and as such should be observed and treated, to develop original solutions to problems that have components appropriate social, economic, urban, architectural and roads of primary importance.

The route was then supplemented by regular contacts and insights with internal technicians to the Municipality, political and external stakeholders Administration, with particular reference to witnesses and members of the Protocol of Cooperation on the project of revitalization of the urban area by means of the developing a plan of urban marketing:

University of Udine
Tertiary CAT Udine
Consortium Friuli Tourism
Chamber of Commerce of Udine
Province of Udine