Published 04.06.2013

Drafting of Project Valuation Commercial (PVC) in the historic center of Savignano s. Rubicone

Scope: Develop an integrated development plan that had a medium to long term in terms of organization and promotion, and could access funding at various levels
Year: anni 2002 - 2003 - 2005

The City of Savignano sul Rubicon has developed along with Sincron Polis, in the three years 2002-2003-2005, PVC (Project Valuation Commercial) of its historical center.

The start-up, in autumn 2001, has been linked to two basic elements:

1.Data collection and first-hand information on supply and demand, to address immediately a classic weak point of the historic center compared to large retailers: lack or deficiency of a monitoring system of its current and potential customers, which can rationalize the choices . The monitoring system was formed by the following elements:

  • Interview a sample of traders of the town, in order to verify their relationship with the urban fabric;
  • Telephone interview with a sample of households, to detect the perception and the actual behavior of the application;
  • Interviews with some witnesses of the activities and functions of the historic center of Savignano, to collect thoughts, opinions and projections are deeply rooted, positive or negative, between the insiders.

2. Defining a schedule of meetings of public disclosure of the results of point 1, in a broader context of communication starting the Project Valuation Commercial.

Afterwards, in the spring of 2002 saw the second phase:

3. Insights with local stakeholders, with particular reference to associations and operators of the historic center concerned, and creation of a table for consultation on issues of urban development;

4. Definition of the contents and formalities necessary for the establishment of a Temporary Association of Area between operators in city center required by law and necessary as a new partner and as a legal entity capable of carrying out statutory duties and to manage investment and finance;

5. Preparation of the PVC 2002 and presentation in a timely fashion to the request for funding pursuant to Regional Law 41/97 and 14/99.

The following year, the focus was primarily on the conduct of the content of the second phase cited above, and then temporarily suspend the investigations, also in conjunction with the election date, which renewed the council.

In the last quarter of 2004, the work has resumed with renewed vigor and a new setting.

For the PVC 2004/2005, to the purpose was to propose a more delayed in time, but also more oriented to the operation of local marketing, which could ensure a quantum leap in planning and in particular could leverage on the following aspects:

  1. emergence of latent potential that still represented by the Core Management, setting the comparison and consultation on a calendar-depth starting from the latter part of 2004, it was agreed to carry out approximately a monthly meeting, for a total of about 8 meetings by June , 2005, most of which are oriented towards thematic analysis;
  2. identification and articulation, in consultation with stakeholders, a package of private investment that could help provide a stronger identity to the historical center of Savignano and its enterprises;
  3. Processing, again as part of the Core Management, a series of hypotheses targeted involvement of the Temporary in the historical city center, exploring in this regard opportunities for greater realization of the statutory purposes;
  4. Insights on the domestic front of the Plan of Works and the results of the table for consultation to define public investment to be included in PVC;
  5. Evaluation of the contents of the PRG in respect of the Old Town and the area PVC, to identify possible corrective measures to bring to safeguard the economic fabric;
  6. Insights on the properties of the PVC, to monitor the current costs of rent and the underlying causes of the presence of any vacant premises;
  7. verification and contextualization of quantitative and qualitative indicators available on the "state of health" of the historic city center;
  8. redefinition, taking into account the life cycle of productive activities and conditions of urbanized land use, the new territorial delimitation of PVC;
  9. development of a handbook of instructions, tips, activities, etc.. that could constitute a basic reference for the technical discussion within the table for consultation, which could serve as support for the planned "Competition of Ideas" of the old town, and he could become a real implementation of the Plan Regional Marketing;
  10. Preparation of the technical report of PVC, which accompanied the presentation of the documentation in the Province of Forlì-Cesena in order to get the funding dedicated and constituted the reference for work on short and medium term the Core Management;
  11. Drafting parallel industry regulations that would take a cue from lines of PVC action, and to contribute actively to its implementation. In particular, during the first months of 2005 have been prepared by the Municipal Planning Criteria for the granting of authorizations of the exercises of administration food and beverages.