Published 31.05.2013

Urban marketing plans

The urban fabric in our country presents emergencies and problematic elements completely unique in the world.

In recent years many points of view came together and tried complex convergences about land development and urban marketing. Planners, architects, art historians, sociologists, experts in communication and marketing, environmentalists have provided their specialized contributions on the issue.

Sincron Polis Team, in full respect of all these contributions, propose a further reading, putting in the foreground urban economics and the needs that it entail.

We want to understand people who need products and services and the companies that provide them; it is the rediscovery and exploitation of the underlying causes of genesis of modern cities, starting with the Greek city states from which our company takes its name.

Meeting demand for products and services in an efficient and competitive manner stands as the ultimate goal of the process of urban marketing, and this way the analogy of the Natural Shopping Center assumes and expresses its power and energy.