Published 04.06.2013

Preparation of the Integrated Program for Revitalization of Old Town (PIR) of Campi Bisenzio

Scope: Develop an integrated development plan that had a medium to long term in terms of organization and promotion, and could access funding at various levels, until reaching the pre market the spaces of the historic center
Year: 2001 - 2006

Campi Bisenzio was one of the first municipalities to interpret the Tuscan Integrated Revitalization Program (RIP) provided by the Region from a point of view that would give preference, together with the necessary promotion of initiatives, including the organization, monitoring, management of the historic center fully understood in terms of natural shopping center.

Working with Sincron Polis began in 2001 and lasted until 2006, gradually developing intervention strategies that involved primarily the historic center of town and then also the main fraction (San Donnino).

From a technical perspective, has been set up since the beginning of the path to a working group of the Councillor for Productive Activities, Stefano Salvi, by sector actors, representatives of trade associations and marketing consultant urban (Franco Amigoni of Sincron Polis), which has set itself the ambitious goal of dealing in all respects to the center of field as if it were a complex organism but basically unitary, as if it were a natural shopping center, in order to highlight the many vocations.

In parallel with the great works that have returned to center field on a human scale, and have recovered its streets, its squares and its sense of identity, the working group has carried out numerous investigations on the needs of the citizens, the state health of commercial and service settled in the area, accessibility.

Among the investigations carried out:

Telephone surveys on the behavior and attitudes of the citizens of Campi Bisenzio;
Qualitative research in the field of origins, destinations, needs and mode of use of the old town by the visitors;
Quantitative surveys on pedestrian flows entering the city center;
Investigations on the coverage level of the parking lots at the direct service of the city center;
Investigations on the life cycle of commercial and paracommerciali the city center.
As the definition of marketing strategies urban Sincron Polis was called to be part of the interdisciplinary working group (made up of planners, architects, sociologists, psychologists, geologists) aimed at providing the information basis for the preparation of the new Master Plan of the City Campi Bisenzio. In this context Sincron Polis has provided the conceptual and cognitive elements for the regulation of economic activities, with particular reference to the retail trade, the administration of food and beverages, crafts service.

Was passed through these screening tools, the major handicap information against big reality peripherals such as I "Gigli", one of the largest and most attractive shopping malls Italian, located in the town of Campi Bisenzio (then about 10 million of visitors each year, which increased to about 15 million in 2012) that always perfectly familiar with their clients and therefore are able to meet them in a targeted manner.

In terms of management, the path of the working group led to the creation of an Association of operators of the center, called "Doing Business Together", which is equipped with a statute and an agreement with the Administration (developed by Sincron Polis).

The year 2005 marked a turning point in the multi-annual work carried out by the Administration of Campi Bisenzio for the redevelopment and enhancement of its Old Town.

The investigations carried out that year led in fact to quantify the level of attractiveness of the historic center, between January and May 2005 have been verified pedestrian flows into and out of the streets and squares of downtown, and was made an analysis inactive on specific rooms, which are such for many reasons: for work subingresso, temporary closure, closure for refurbishment, the closure of the long-term. And 'the latter, of course, the type of compartment inactive more worrying and more deserving of attention.

A census has allowed us to "photograph" the economic activities of the historic center both in terms of product categories treated and in terms of structures and signs, to know and to place more precisely the reality constituted by businesses and operators that lead .

The working group has therefore launched a series of initiatives aimed at making known the center of Campi Bisenzio, its investment potential and its urban liveability is the citizens themselves of fields, which for the occasional visitors, that commercial enterprises in the region and outside the region, in the belief that the spaces of the center formed a business development opportunities potentially very interesting, especially considering the huge catchment area which belongs to the city. Suffice it to say that in 20 minutes by car distance from the city center are located, even excluding those residing in Florence, about 280 thousand people, and on Friday and Saturday attendance pedestrian ranged on average between 15 and 20 thousand.

In conclusion, there was started on a course of pre-marketing of the center, which becomes in effect a natural trade center and is proposed as such even to those who consume and those who invest. It was a highly demanding and innovative step, which placed Campi Bisenzio edge at the national level on these issues.