Published 04.06.2013

Project development and urban regeneration "Typically Gorizia"

Scope: The project "TYPICALLY GORIZIA" was designed and implemented within the framework of Law 266/97 up to finance measures for the enhancement of historic centers. The project was ranked in second place on the 24 and the 57 funded presented.
Year: novembre 2009 - marzo 2012

The project set out to revitalize the distribution system of the city of Gorizia through animation and territorial aggregation and the construction of a model for the promotion of the activities of the area. The animation of the territory may in fact occur only when the scenario and context of development is compatible with actors and local actors and is sustainable with the logic of the market.

The context was represented by the Old Town and its streets and squares of the city of Gorizia (Via Oberdan, Piazza Vittoria, Via Rastello, Via delle Monache, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Sant'Antonio) which, already the subject of urban renewal, serve as attraction for the field of trade, crafts, quality products and services and typical.

The actions envisaged project were the following:

  • ANALYSIS OF REGIONAL MARKETING ON THE APPLICATION OF THE OFFER AND BASIN: was carried out a complete georeferencing of all the activities of the urban economy, through census field or transfer to a shape file inserted in the documentation of PRG. Particular attention was paid to the location and characteristics of the compartments inactive as a sign of economic weakness urban armor. E 'was carried out a survey of the main participants in the annual cultural event of the city, for the first time to define the identity and needs;
  • DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION PLAN: moments were organized and carried out participatory planning with retailers and operators through focus groups, interviews with witnesses and comparison with stakeholders;
  • DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION PLAN SECOND PHASE: is a conference was organized with the personality of international level on urban development and smart cities;
  • DEVELOPMENT LOGO: have been developed a brand (LET'S GO Gorizia) and a communication campaign and promotion (stickers and gadgets for merchants, other promotional material) to call the attention of citizens and guests on the enhancement process in place;
  • PARTICIPATION IN AN EVENT: The organization and participation in an event that could constitute a "showcase" for domestic and international Gorizia and its revitalization projects has been realized with the participation UrbanPromo 2011 in Bologna;
  • PRODUCTION OF A WEB APPLICATION: it was made, again in partnership with a spin-off of the University of Udine, an application that can accompany geolocation visit the city by providing information on emergencies cultural, architectural and gastronomic;
  • DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION STAGING SYSTEM FOR VICTORY SQUARE: in collaboration with a local craftsman was produced in a seating system Marine plywood whose shape is reminiscent of the brand LET'S GO. The placement in Piazza Vittoria was accompanied dall'allestimento of a totem pole distribution brochures and information elements;
  • ORGANIZATION OF A COMPETITION FOR THE UPGRADING AND GALLERY re-use of bumble bees: a central tunnel that passes under the Castle of Gorizia, made for vehicular traffic and now disused, was the subject of a competition of ideas can propose some scenarios of reuse (museum, exhibition area etc.).
  • ADVICE OF COORDINATION AND SUPPORT: All elements organizational, technical analysis of supply and demand, the evaluation of the catchment area of ​​immediate and long-range economic and technical feasibility analyzes on the various issues that have been exposed so far, the reading of the city in terms of the Nature Center, support for reporting to the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia were the subject of ongoing support and continuous by the technical group formed by CAT Tertiary Gorizia and Sincron Polis.

The project was completed in 2012 and Accounted for.