Published 04.06.2013

Project development and urban regeneration "Le radici del Futuro"

Scope: The project "Le radici del futuro" has been designed and implemented within the framework of Law 266/97 up to finance measures for the enhancement of historic centers. The project was ranked in eighth place on the 24 and the 57 funded presented.
Year: novembre 2009 - marzo2012

The basic idea of ​​the project was to start from the peculiarities and resources (cultural, historical, urban, traditional) local, to offer an integrated package of offer that, relying on the redevelopment of the city center, could aspire to provide a decisive contribution in the revitalization and enhancement of Spilimbergo at the national level and on specific niche markets internationally. The operation was based essentially on whether to:

  1. Combining the School of Friuli Mosaic, as the highest expression of local well-known in the world, with the town of Spilimbergo in the physical urban fabric and conceptual point of view of urban marketing strategies;
  2. Valuing a complement other elements that characterize and identity of the area.

The actions envisaged project were the following:

  • THE MAP AND ROUTE: set up in partnership with the School of Friuli Mosaic some new mosaics, to be placed at certain key points of the city in order to create a path within the city itself, with several references in strategic locations, such as be mapped and translated in apps and illustrative leaflets on the one hand, and in reference signals in connection with the previous type.
  • MULTIMEDIA SUPPORT: they have been designed and produced two videos that tell of two different cuts in terms of duration to fulfill different needs for communication and promotion, on the one hand the history of the Mosaic School of Spilimbergo in the form of video clips, from ' other artistic vision and emotional deep meaning that the school has for the territory (for international backgrounds of the students, for the international destination of the works). We recall some of its main achievements, starting from the Hall of the Province of Pordenone, through the Foro Italico in Rome until you get to the important achievements abroad in the United States and in the Far East. It should be noted in this context the great importance of the combination of mosaic and architecture. In fact, the great works that have been implemented over the years and decades were designed to be complementary to relevant architectural artifacts. The goal was to bring out a reality that while remaining connected to the past is strongly oriented towards the future, a school that values ​​its roots through continuous research and testing of new communication techniques. Both videos are available on the website of the School of Mosaic:
  • PROMOTIONAL MEDIA PRODUCTION OF CLASSICS: Alongside the production of the video were produced brochures and promotional media classics, accompanied by the most innovative forms of communication and make it available in the canonical distribution points.
  • ACQUISITION OF A DIGITAL SYSTEM FOR DISCLOSURE OF PROMOTIONAL CONTENT: was acquired a network of tablet to allow the public to access video content in areas considered strategic by the working group and the Administration. The Town Council building, the Mosaic School, the school of photography, the tourist information office and more;
  • PRODUCTION OF A WEB APPLICATION: it has been realized in partnership with a spin-off of the University of Udine, a web application that can accompany the visit of the city by providing information on the location of retail outlets and on the cultural and architectural emergencies;
  • ORGANIZATION OF AN EVENT: it has been designed and built an evening screening of a spectacle of lights and sounds of great architecture, which in partnership with the local Curia was projected on the side of the Duomo of Spilimbergo;
  • PARTICIPATION IN AN EVENT: The organization and participation in an event that could constitute a "showcase" for domestic and international Spilimbergo and its revitalization projects has been realized with the participation UrbanPromo 2011 in Bologna;
  • ORGANIZATION AND CONDUCT OF A TRAINING CALENDAR FOR ENTREPRENEURS URBAN ECONOMY: it was conceived and organized a course in 5 stages involving operators and on the results of surveys carried out ad hoc on the behavior and attitudes of citizens and practitioners about the center historical, both the spread for marketing purposes of the features of the center itself;
  • DESIGN AND DISTRIBUTION OF TWO PACKAGES: combining the skills of an experienced international tourism and the needs of operators, have been developed "bottom up" two packages through a participatory process of discussion and planning;
  • ADVICE OF COORDINATION AND SUPPORT: All elements organizational, technical analysis of supply and demand, the evaluation of the catchment area of ​​immediate and long-range economic and technical feasibility analyzes on the various issues that have been exposed so far, interviews with witnesses and citizens, the reading of the city in terms of the Nature Center which, however, could enhance the historical component and identity, support for reporting against the Friuli Venezia Giulia region have been the subject of ongoing support and continuous by the technical group formed by CAT Tertiary Pordenone and Sincron Polis, a company that I represent.

The project was completed in 2012 and Accounted for.