Published 18.12.2014

The smart city is done playing

~~The business network Connected City Council (Beta 80 Goup, Sincron Polis Polis  and Urbano Creativo), founded with the aim of providing the stumenti for the evaluation of urban development and territorial cohesion, organizes a course on gamification.
By 2015, 70% of companies will adopt at least one application "game", creating a market that in 2017 will touch $ 2.8 billion. So this is a wonderful opportunity.
CCC offers a full path of training, in which you will touch the general aspects of gamification and you will then pass to the application of strategies and concrete tools.
The course is divided into two modules, which can be attended individually or as a whole:
Module 1 (3 days) - introduction to gamification and possible applications -20.21 January 2015 and February 16, 2015
Module 2 (3 days) - programming - 9.10 and February 11, 2015
For more information: +39 0314140622