Published 22.01.2015

Franco Amigoni's smart cities

Franco Amigoni, Sincron Polis CEO and co-founder of Connected City Council, the network of companies for the development of communities and territories through gamification, interviewed during the conference held to 'Impact Hub Milan so exposes his vision of the smart city .

There is much talk of smart cities, but what really makes a city smart?

A city "smart", intelligent, is a city that has a strong community smart, able to pursue high quality of life using the best tools available. This means to focus attention on people, the so-called "city users' current and potential, their needs and their desires. To be intelligent communities must then interpret the unique technologies available today as tools enabling and not as ends in themselves. So much so that the assessment smart that my company, Sincron Polis, has come up with the business network Connected City Council provides for the assessment of 40 key issues, a good portion of them have high organizational value and cultural and low technological component. To pursue this goal means first preparing to face a big cultural gap between the various stakeholders.

How gamification helps cities to become smart?

Today one of the major problems facing the territories is the gap between citizens and policy makers. We must close this gap as soon as possible, fueled by the crisis, if you intend to return to growth. The gamification is a very powerful tool to generate engagement, to "displace" the interlocutors and bring out thoughts and relationship structures very deep and then projects of great strategic value.

What role do governments, businesses, schools and citizens in the creation of smarter cities?

All subjects mentioned must be enabled to provide their piece of the vision of the future and to integrate it with the other. Renew the modalities of participation using the technologies on the market today and easing the path even with serious games.

What is the impact of the smart cities on urban life?

The smart city is a city more inclusive, more sustainable and more enjoyable to live. It 'a city that thinks about its future with clear scenarios and resources to pursue them. Lodi and Trento, where I'm working on these issues, are already considered very smart from the classical charts official media, but the important thing is not to be ahead in the rankings. We saw in Genoa unfortunately. The important thing is to bring together in a structured directors, managers, associations and citizens towards a new urban renaissance. It seems an ambitious program, and it is. Today it can not be otherwise.